Proofing the sponge…

SourdoughSpongebfLOOK – here we go. This is the sourdough starter poured into a bowl and mixed with a cup of flour and a cup of warm water. It’ll be ready when (if?) it gets bubbly and has a white froth – could take an hour, could take all day; but I have other things to do, so no worries there.

I’ve set aside today to make and can a fresh batch of buzzyfoods’ original – a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. The original recipe has been long lost (I found it back in the 70’s – more than likely in a newspaper), and before this past Christmas,  I hadn’t made it in several years, so am still reworking the recipe – but I’m keeping notes and will post a pic and the recipe once I see how this batch turns out.

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