Lasagna a la Française…

01LFIngredientsbfLOThis was my project for yesterday afternoon. Dale wanted to just chill for the day before her drive back to Maryland this morning; so we went to World Market to stock her up on Ginger Snaps and a bottle or three of the wine we’d had; then lunch at our favorite burger/hot dog joint Stadium Hots – so Donna could have her first Chicago style dog – YUM!

We got home a little before 2:00, I settled Dale and Donna in the living room with a nice glass of Maryland Chardonnay they brought, and I gathered my stuff together for dinner – a chicken, mushroom and spinach lasagna dressed with a white wine onion velouté sauce and a mixture of Swiss and provolone cheese, and then ‘sealed’ with a tomato sauce.

I made both sauces from scratch, used the leftover grilled chicken breasts from Monday’s dinner, grated the cheeses, cooked the noodles, sautéed the mushrooms and prepared the spinach (I used a large bag of thawed and drained frozen, but next time I make this will sauté fresh in olive oil and garlic), and still managed put it all together in about three hours, even with a bit of socializing with Dale and Donna thrown in. I’m saying this because the recipe has a few parts, which could look daunting, but it’s really pretty simple – AND – the tomato sauce is the BEST I’ve tasted!

I’m going to break the sauce recipes into separate entries and then end with one pulling it all together, so stay tuned…

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