Wake me up before you coffee a-go-go

CameronsVertbfLOAt the risk of turning our search for a decent decaf coffee into a soap opera…

We sampled all the packets we had bought at Woodman’s and decided that our fave was Berres Brothers; organic and free trade to boot! How could we go wrong? Well, it turns out we could…

After a perfectly lovely long weekend up North, slouching about the better parts of Door County, Wisconsin; we returned home secure in the knowledge that we had found our decaf bean. Sadly, such was NOT to be the case. The perfectly lovely Berres Brothers Free Trade Organic Decaf is, it would seem, NOT to be had in bulk bean form. Indeed – Woodman’s only seems to carry it in the sample pack size. Harumph!

Set back to square one; we glanced around the multiple bulk roasters on offer and settled on trying two bags o’ beans from Cameron’s small batch roasted Woods and Water Natural Decaf, and their Breakfast Blend Natural Decaf. They both smell wonderful, and now – sitting here in the dining room after grinding the W&W beans and loading them in the coffee maker – the smell is REALLY rich and wonderful.

Monday promises to be a busy day – I have a bunch of rhubarb to turn into chutney and pound cake (thanks Norma!); some French bread to throw together so we can have grilled cheese with soup on Tuesday, and a ginger chicken experiment to accompany a Japanese cucumber salad I’m going to try out for dinner.

In any event, I’ll let you know how this latest Mocha Match goes…

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