It was a dark and stormy day…

CodyMacbfLOno, really, it IS. The rain has finally arrived, bringing a touch of thunder and a flash or two of lightning; the day has turned so dark that we’ve turned on the lamps. Good thing we hadn’t planned a picnic or barbecue.

As a matter of fact, we’ve planned today just for hanging around the house and chilling. We’re having the Italian Beef, Jus and sharp Provolone from Tenuta’s for dinner, along with some mac and cheese and baked beans. Truth be known; I don’t really care for the whole beef and jus (or, as it’s often called around here ‘juice’) thing – but I will happily take some of the thinly sliced beef on a toasted roll with cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, onion and giardiniera, all of which we have in our fridge.

With such an easy dinner planned, I’ve opted to spend the day catching up on a novel, thus freeing the Mac for Cody to try his luck against Maven at Scrabble…

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