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Road trip…

This morning, we drove down to Anderson, Indiana to pick up Rich’s mom for a visit – she had just put some very pretty geraniums in the front window box. I have a very nice pot on the front steps. … Continue reading

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Jello and… OLIVES?

NO, I haven’t gone crazy – I just came across this image this morning and wondered if anyone ever actually ate something like this? I’ll give you the shredded carrot and raisin with orange pineapple jello salad my Great Aunt … Continue reading

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Marmalade Muffins

A while back, we were browsing through all the colorful, cool stuff at Crate & Barrel, and Rich came across this neat little book ‘easy breakfast & brunch’. We didn’t pick it up that day – something about the perfect … Continue reading

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Garlicky Cheese Bread

We braved the wilds of Woodman’s last Saturday afternoon. I have to say it was considerably less fraught than I had expected – tho’ there is invariably at least one clueless couple paused in the middle (and both sides, if … Continue reading

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Orange Pork Chops

Back when I was a kid my mom got a little ‘experimental’ in her cooking. Admittedly, her experimentation was limited due to my dad’s loathing of any spice other than salt, pepper, or the odd bay leaf on a roast … Continue reading

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Corn on the grill…

First, we cheat and buy our corn at the market. I have yet to find a suitable local replacement for Wilson Farm in Lexington, MA, where you show up, hand over your money and get handed in return a bag … Continue reading

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Nigella’s Chicken

Ahhhh, Sunday morning. The Tribune fresh from the driveway, the smell of maple roasted bacon spitting nicely in the oven, and pancakes puffing up on the grill. Now is as good a time as any to talk about this totally … Continue reading

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Cucumber Salad

This started out as a Japanese salad to accompany a gingered chicken experiment (meh) – but I’d run out of rice vinegar the week before, and the cupboard was bare of bonito flakes and nori – so I took a … Continue reading

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Bar Cheese

I was blog-hopping; trying to get some history on Win Schuler’s – they of the wine pie, and came across this recipe. This is a nice spread for bread, crackers, apples, pears or veggies; you might could even use it … Continue reading

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Spiced Rhubarb Chutney

It’s stormy; thundering and lightning, rain blattering against the house, wind whipping down the street. Isn’t NOW a good time for some rhubarb? If, like me, you’ve been gifted with what I can only describe as a GOODLY sum of … Continue reading

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