Bright lights, big (ish) city…

PridefestVertbfLOI had PLANNED on writing today about this morning’s brunch – French Toast made with some of the brioche I had stashed in the freezer, but I was a slacker and slept in until around eleven(!) this morning; leaving Rich to have an everything bagel and a schmear for his Sunday breakfast. I (once I FINALLY got up), opted for a light ‘brunch’ after my coffee, so have just finished the last of the vichyssoise, and MY, was it tasty!

My only excuse for sleeping so late is that we spent most of yesterday slouching about the Milwaukee lakefront with good friends at Pridefest – the featured shot is at the Pump Stage, they were mixing some great tunage and the crowd was in terrific spirits. We arrived at around one in the afternoon, saw the sights, caught some good (and not-so-good) performances on the side, sampled the ‘fair’ food – fresh made mini doughnuts; cheese, curds and other things too numerous to list breaded and fried to within an inch of our lives; wine and beer. I do wish I had tried some of the coffee, ‘cause Pridefest01bfLOit smelled really, REALLY good – but that may  have also been because it was overcast and decidedly cool.

We took a break from the fest to walk to the Riverfront Pizzeria Bar not too, too far away (that expression is an inside salute to my late, Great-Aunt Rose, who was never ‘too, too good’). None of us had the pizza, but everyone enjoyed their dinners – burgers, panini, sweet potato fries, pasta salad. Some more friends met us there for a quick drink before heading off to the fest themselves.

Pridefest03bfLOBack at the fest, more people had arrived for the evening shows and it was getting to feel a bit less relaxed. Still, most were pleasant and polite, and we managed to get pretty great seats for the fireworks over the lake without feeling jammed in. We had thought to stay for Patti LaBelle, scheduled to go on at ten o’clock; but decided to pack our weary bones on home (good thing too, because Rich read an update a bit after we got home that she started her show almost an hour late – I would STILL be sleeping)!

SO, no pain perdu today, and dinner will be barbecued pot roast and potato salad; so I’ve got to get my thinking cap on about what new bit of trivia I’ll have to post for tomorrow – hmmm, maybe something new with pearl onions? Time to get pot roasting and surfing…

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