Green Beans and other things…

GreenBeansVertbfLOIt’s a warm and blustery day here on the edge o’ the prairie – mid 80’s on the front porch by 10 AM and 90’s projected for later (all praise central air!). One of our neighbors just drove home in her brand new cherry red Kia Soul – such a cute thing, er – car? – but I am just as happy with a well and truly paid for Volvo.

The tomato plant and herbs on the deck are all doing well – I believe we have pesto in our very near future.

I had thought we would lose one of the Mother-of-Thyme plants on the front porch, and really, one is obviously doing a LOT better than the other, but the puny one looks as though it may just pull through.

I blanched some green beans this morning, thinking we’d have them as a stir-fry with dinner tonight (I have a sauce put together with garlic, soy sauce, Thai chilli sauce and honey) – but now am not so sure that’ll work with the pork chops I have marinating in chile & lime. Maybe I should just declare a chilli/chile festival and brazen out the contrasting cultures and cuisines? I can add some sautéed red and yellow peppers and some Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Sauce to some Spanish rice and knock out three continents and four cuisines in one swell foop. The chop marinade is store bought (Lawry’s); but if the garlic green beans turn out, I’ll post pics and that recipe tomorrow.

I pulled the last of the pizza rustica out of the freezer for Rich to bring for lunch today, and must say that it seems to have frozen really well – a good thing too, since it is such a rich dish. Topped with a bit of Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, it’s all set as a quick bite for him between meetings.

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