Life is just a bowl of…


Our first this season – the market had a nice deal on them yesterday.

I’ve been a slacker most of the weekend; friends invited us places, and then the general languor of a warm summer holiday weekend kept me from doing much in the kitchen other than the espresso cookies and Cody01_07062010bfLOafternoon delight tomatoes and potato salad for last night’s grilled beer brat dinner (on nice French rolls with grilled onion and peppers, and just a bit of Tenuta’s hot giardiniera to leave your lips all warm and tingly).

Our decidedly warm and appropriately summer-y weather is keeping the beasts mellow. Even with the windows closed and the AC quietly humming, Cody and Oreo are quite happy to spend the day doing this: – tho’, ermmm, in truth, they spend MOST of their days like this. Not quite certain why, Oreo07062010bfbut the turntable is one of Oreo’s favorite napping spots. I guess it’s a good thing I mainly use the iPod for tunage these days.
Sluggish puppies aside (yes, I know, but that’s what we call them), the weather seems to be doings wonders for my little patch of tomatoes – I now have more than a half-dozen little green orbs of potential goodness growing on the deck – we may have to have a Wadsworth Tomato Festival when they’re finally ready. Mmmmmm, fresh, sun-warm tomatoes from the ‘garden’ on home made French bread with red onion and mayonnaise – truly a feast!



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