I am a slacker…

RedCurryCoconutMilkbfLOWe spent Sunday running errands and getting stuff together for Rich’s temporary weekday move into the city – very cute apartment in walking distance of everything – including the mayhem that is the Transformers movie (it makes it just that much more interesting driving in the Loop).

BuffaloChickenPlatebfLOAfter getting him to the new digs and driving home again (note to self – you cannot, as it happens, get onto the Kennedy directly from Chicago Avenue), it was approaching 9:00 and the cats were getting to be insistent and vocal about their dinner and the general quality of the service at this establishment of late, so I just had some leftover Buffalo chicken legs and a bit of salad with the last of the French dressing for my dinner; got caught up on The Next Food Network Star – I am team Aarti ALL THE WAY – and then went to bed.

RedCurryBowlbfLOI do have a couple of interesting experiments coming up – relating to today’s pic. I’m reading a novel by a new (to me) author about a bounty hunter witch in Cincinnati who shares an old church with a living vampire (as opposed to a dead ‘un) and a pixie and his family. One scene in the novel had the vampire and the witch sharing takeaway red chicken curry, and it sounded sooooo good to me that I went to ‘da Google’ for some recipes. I couldn’t find the red curry paste at Trader Joe’s, so bought their pre-made sauce to try; along with some coconut milk just in case. Woodman’s today Tomatoes08012010VertbfLOfixed me up with the curry paste, so I think I’ll try it from scratch later on this week – stay tuned.

Tomorrow, I need to harvest a significant amount of the basil in ‘teh garden’ and make some pesto, which I’ll freeze into mini cubes of garlicky goodness for instant dinners in the future; and, since I’m going to be doing some Italian stuff anyway, I have some ground pork, chuck and chicken to make into a bunch o’ meatballs to stash away as well. Speaking of ‘teh garden’ – here’s an updated pic of my tomatoes (!) – they are really coming in now, tho’ some are splitting on the vine – not sure if that means I haven’t gotten to them quickly enough or it’s just the way things are.

Hmmm – I have some fresh tomatoes; I made a loaf of French bread Saturday night, and there are some onions in the pantry – I think I know what today’s lunch will be 😉

By the way – if anyone has a good red curry recipe – send it along – please and thank you!

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