Grazing for Dinner…

BreadPeppersCarrotsPompeiGarlicbfLOOne of my biggest challenges this summer with Rich staying downtown during the week has been to make interesting food for just me. It’s not that I don’t think I’m worth the bother (TRUST ME – I AM); it’s more that I don’t want to:
a) eat basically the same meal for DAYS until I’ve used it all up, or
b) stuff even more little containers into the freezer for future use. Hmmm – concerning plan ‘b’ – let’s see – right now I have some shrimp enchiladas, Sloppy Boudreaux pulled pork, a loaf each of Cuban Bread and Brioche, bits and pieces of my everyday French Bread to turn into croutons, some blackberries I plan to turn into an upside down thingy soon, and the list goes on… You begin to see my dilemma. Oh, and let’s not talk about the freezer downstairs, OK?

NOTE: I believe that is the first time I’ve used OK here since I went on the OK wagon back in July – in case you’re keeping track.

SO – when I pulled a package of chicken thighs out of the freezer yesterday along with some leftover tomato basil soup with the plan to add some sliced peppers and onion and additional spices and turn it all into an alternate chicken paprika – or maybe Country Captain – I gave in to the siren song of Pompei’s creamy garlic dressing, tossed together a fresh loaf of crusty French bread, made another batch of French carrots – this time with a classic Dijon vinaigrette, and pulled some marinated stuffed cherry peppers out of the fridge. NICE.

A simple dinner of little tasty bites.

Now, with both the chicken thighs and the leftover soup well and truly thawed, I have a taste for some Country Captain Chicken – I just need to pick up some fresh ‘shrooms at the market, and maybe another onion or two.

Tune in tomorrow for the results 😉

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