Election results

DeviledMacaroniBakeCropSo, the people have spoken.

Well, sort of…

See; it’s like this: we had some very positive ‘go get ‘em’ votes, some very negative –  ‘OH MY GAWD – how could you do THAT to macaroni and eggs?’ – and a few – ‘ewww – that sounds disgusting – but be sure to tell us how it tasted!’ votes – the internets is a strange, strange place.

Weighing all this, and keeping in mind the sanctity o’ the ballot; I have decided to boldly go where, I believe, no one has gone in many, many years: into a land where macaroni and cheese and deviled eggs and chili sauce are all combined into a casserole and served as actual food (I would seriously doubt this ever happened, but I can personally recall my grandfather having his baked beans and a can of brown bread of a Friday evening – folks who would have that for supper would probably eat anything!).

For Rich’s sake, it COULD be worse – the recipe could have called for peas. He is actually quite fond of peas – especially when I muddle them with a bit of butter and sugar before cooking them – he just doesn’t care for them mixed in with other stuff (think tuna casserole and potato chips).

BE THAT AS it may – I’m not feeling the love for serving this as a Friday dinner – besides, I need to pick up some elbow macaroni and a few other odds and ends. Hmm – do I stay true to the original – or substitute my more accustomed chipotle cheddar for the cheese? Decisions, decisions…

Tune in sometime next week for the casserole and my final recipe – OR – tomorrow for my Cornbread Panzanella Salad – so, so tasty with grilled steaks! By the way – I’ve changed my mind about Sunday’s pot luck – I’m planning to bring a jalapeño cheesecake – pics and recipe for THAT coming very, very soon!

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