It’s Watercress!

WatercressbfLOAnd it’s quite nice in a salad or a sammich. It is also pretty darned good for you – so you should check out these little leaves of kind of peppery leafy crunch next time you’re at the market – ober dere by da lettuce and all. Jewel offers it hydroponically grown, bagged, roots and all for $2.49 – so it’s not a budget breaker.

WatercressRollupbfLOOh, and I’m not talking little ‘tea-sized’ sammiches here – we use the cress as a kind of base level for tortilla roll ups – on top of a little mayonnaise or cream cheese or (one of Rich’s favorites) – garlic dip. I had some plain flour tortillas I’ve been needing to use up – so this was what I used for lunch – but they have some nice flavored options as well – sun dried tomato and basil, honey wheat, etc.

Tortillas and ‘cress and schmear of choice – we move on to toppings – for us usually an assortment of good things from the deli counter. This week, we have some nice roast beef and turkey breast as well as – DARN YOU DELI TASTING SAMPLES – apple smoked ham. I couldn’t decide which for my sammich, so went with all three, and a slice of colby.

Some black grapes, a Cherry Crush and a couple of sugar cookies and I call it lunch – what’s not to love?

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