ButterBeerSkullCupbfLOA friend took her first sip and said: “this is exactly what I thought it would taste like!”

Cold and creamy, the recipe recommends serving this in chilled beer glasses – we went with on-the-rocks in skull goblets, but it was all good, and wicked simple to make.

•7 cups cream soda
•1 cup butterscotch schnapps

Combine in a pitcher – try not to stir too much, you’ll kill the bubbles. I’d put the schnapps in the pitcher first, then add the soda on top – doing it the other way around killed the rich looking, foamy head. That’s all there is to it!

Oh – the bottle of really nice red wine in the pic isn’t part of the recipe – but it was kinda tasty, too!

With all due thanks to Britta Blvd – a rather fun site I’ve added to my favorites menu.

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