Gerard’s Turkey Farm

GerardFarmSammichbfLOIt may not look like much – but MAN is this a good sammich!

The Turkey Deluxe is just about perfect. Cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey and a bit of mayonnaise on whole wheat bread (and I’m not that big a fan of whole wheat bread!). Gerard Farms in Framingham, MA has been offering sammiches and pies and dinners since the thirties – even, more lately, barbecue. Still, it’s the sammich I was thinking
about while visiting. Imagine our surprise at seeing in the local news that this Thanksgiving will be their last! We made it to the farm on a damp and overcast friday afternoon (both images used here are thanx to da Google – I was so intent on getting my sammich I forgot to bring out the iPhone and take any pix). Rich, who had never been to Gerard’s, was kind of surprised when we pulled into a fairly crowded parking lot off of Water Street.

GerardFarmSignCropped“I thought we were going to a farm?” he asked.

“We’re here” we replied. ‘Here’ being the main building with the kitchen and sales area, a covered open air seating space, and the barbecue building (smoke house?).

MMMMM. Turkey Deluxe.

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