How YOU doin’?

CodySofaVertbfLO‘Tis the Sunday before The Feast, and I think we need to step back and think about stuff.

Ermmmm, and, um, stuffing too.

Cranberry relish is made and sitting happily in the fridge.

Leftover bits of Sweet Honey French Bread have been pulled from the freezer and are waiting cubing, seasoning, and slow toasting for stuffing.

The turkey is minding it’s own business in the downstairs refrigerator – I’ll get to brining THAT on Tuesday, I think.

Sprouts, pearl onions and green beans are all awaiting their moments in the sun, along with the hated pumpkin (I am not a fan – but Rich is) and the fixins’ for what we call ‘Heart-Attack Potatoes’ – a recipe so mind-bogglingly bad for you that we only have it at the Holidays – think deep-fried Twinkies without the health benefit.

The sprouts will be our basic oven-roasted, and the green beans HAVE to be ‘the casserole’; but if you can’t wait for the best ever creamed pearl onion recipe, or my take on Jenny’s Gram’s Stuffing, or even the justly famous among cardiologists potato recipe – hit the email button and we’ll try to help you out.

I have some lamb chops marinating that I have to turn, and some horseradish sauce to toss together…

Later, peeps!

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