First Snow on the Rosemary

Rosemary1212LargebfLOI am most certainly going to plant more of this next year.

Teh Garden is mostly bare dirt and spindly bits o’ tomato stalks, but the rosemary still stands well and true – even with this, our first snow storm of the season.

The basil is long gone, as are the chives; and the less we speak of the oregano and the thyme the better, but I can still count on my bits of rosemary for everything from last week’s turkey to tomorrow’s lamb chops (mmmmmm, lamb chops) –  steeping even now in my steak and chop marinade of dijon mustard and garlic and stuff. I’ll add a sprig of the rosemary to the mix in the morning, and then in the evening broil and serve ‘em up with horseradish sauce (I don’t do mint with lamb – it just doesn’t taste right to me), baked potatoes and a nice tossed salad with spiced dressing.

À bientôt, peeps!

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