Happy Merry Everyone!

ChicagoDecemberSunsetVertbfLOWe spent Christmas Eve with good friends in Wisconsin. One made these great pizza bread things on sourdough and French baguettes; and another, her famous cookies (including one version filled with my own clementine marmalade – hmmm – I don’t have her recipe – we’ll have to see if she feels like sharing). Wes made his KILLER chili, which some thought a bit too, too hot – but which I thought it was practically perfect in every way – leaving a warm, slightly toasty feeling on one’s lips and tongue.

We brought red velvet whoopie pies, assorted home made cookies; and Rich got up at the crack o’ dawn (OK – 7 AM) to make his favorite pineapple upside down cake – I got up in time for the aroma of fresh coffee and a good cake baking to fill the house.

The kids added the sparkle and magic to the afternoon; waiting (mostly) patiently until the sun was well and truly down before presents could be opened…

In all, food was had, cheer was spread, and, I think, everyone left feeling they had spent a wonderful evening.

We wish for all a day as filled with love and friendship.

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