Salmon with Honey Mustard

HoneyMustardSalmonVertbfLOA little bit of sweet, a little bit of bite; all really, really fine – this made for a nice (and easy) dinner on a cold winter’s night: salmon filets, roasted brussels sprouts, basmati rice, and a salad of romaine, spinach, and stuff.

I went through a bunch of salmon recipes in my file, and found a couple that would work with the temp and timing needed for the sprouts. Taking a bit from each, I ended up with what Rich has decided is his favorite salmon dish!

Well, let’s be totally honest – his favorite salmon dish AT HOME. I have no doubt he could find something he likes more at a restaurant – HECK, I still more-than-fondly recall a salmon with a cashewed hollandaise I had twenty some odd years ago at the old North Star restaurant in Northampton, MA (oooh – THAT, and the vichyssoise from Wiggins Tavern in the Hotel Northampton would make for a FINE meal, in my humble opinion).

But, to dinner:

•Salmon Filets
•Olive oil
•Salt & pepper
Honey mustard
•Scallions, green bits only, sliced

Heat oven to 350º.

Add scallions to the bottom of baking pan. Put salmon filets, skin side down, on scallion greens, drizzle with olive oil, and season with sea salt and pepper.

Bake in middle of oven for about ten minutes. Brush on honey mustard and return to oven until just cooked through, about ten minutes.


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