aaaaand, We’re Back!

ChallahVertAltbfLOSorry about the lack of posts for lo, these past ten days; but we now have a new mother board, video card, hamster, etc. and are tanned, rested, and ready to blog!

Kind of like Nixon back in the day, ermmm, only without all the secret tape recordings and Kissinger and stuff.

Lack of blog access aside, we kept working on new projects – one; our first ever demo!

Rick, Golnaz, and Mehran joined in for a Sunday afternoon making 2 dozen challah rolls – well, Mehran watched Men Who Stare at Goats downstairs with Rich, while Rick, Golnaz, and I made the rolls – sprinkling coarse sea salt and poppy seeds on some to see how they would taste.

Consensus was poppy seeds; Rick thought the salt too stark a contrast to a slight sweetness of the dough when we tasted them fresh from the oven with a nice pat of butter and a pitcher of Arnold Palmers to wash it all down.

06CheeeeBurgersbfLOIn truth, I didn’t mind the salt topped rolls all that much, especially when I used them to hold the burgers, onions and jalapeños I sautéed; with slices of homemade(!) Velveeta – that recipe is here – melting over all. Another experiment in taking the process out of processed foods, brought to you by buzzyfoods. You can see how well it melted; you’ll be amazed how good it tastes – AND how simple it is to make!

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