It’s Special…

02dSpecialSaucebfLOIt’s cold. It’s gray. It’s SNOWING!


Oh well, can’t do anything about the weather but wait for it to get better; and really; if it’s going to be all cold and gray and everything, at least the snow brightens things up a bit!

Also brightening things up a bit is our upcoming March Game Night, and my plans to serve a Big Cheeseburger Pizza – which tastes rather a lot like a certain ‘two all beef patty…’ offering from a kinda well known local company.

The thing, for me, that makes this pizza is this sauce. It may LOOK like Thousand Island Dressing (which most recipes call for), but it’s not. It’s also not at all hard to toss together – you just need to plan ahead enough to give it a day or two’s rest for the flavors to blend.

Ermmm, and to allow for the dried minced onion to soften – trust me – it’s fine!

•1 cup mayonnaise – the original recipe called for Miracle Whip, but ours is a Hellmann’s house
•1/3 cup sweet pickle relish – I used finely chopped sweet gherkins
•1/3 cup French dressing (the orange stuff) – I used some of the Sanford House Dressing I had in the fridge with fine results
•1 tbsp white sugar
•1/4 tsp black pepper
•1 tsp dried chopped onion – sure, you could use fresh minced onion, but I really think the dried more better matches the flavor of the original

Whisk all ingredients together and refrigerate at least overnight for flavors to blend (and that dried onion to soak up some stuff).

Gotta love it…

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