Roasted Chickpeas

RoastedChickpeasVertbfLOAfter a couple of posts devoted to making fluff and the world’s best carrot cake, let us turn our attention to something a bit better for us (and yes, I AM well aware that, TECHNICALLY, carrots have more nutrient value when cooked, but believe the eggs and butter and sugar and cream cheese and the whole ‘baking in batter’ bit kind of put the kibosh on any additional health benefit gained by just pulping and cooking the suckers).

Where was I?

OH! Yeah, roasted, spiced chickpeas!

These make for a surprising (at least in our crowd) addition to a munchie platter, and a great substitute for nuts in a salad. They are also wicked simple to toss together; perfect for, let us say, a warm, breezy Sunday when you’ve nowhere to be and little ambition to do more than crack open your latest novel…

•1 (16 oz) can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained and well rinsed
•2 tbsp olive oil
•Herbs and/or spices to taste – I used celery salt, cayenne, salt, and granulated garlic

Heat oven to 450º.

Drain and rinse the chick peas well. Rub lightly between a clean kitchen towel to dry, and to remove some of the papery outer skin (don’t worry if you don’t get them all).

ChickpeasRoastingbfLOToss in a large bowl with the olive oil and whichever herbs and/or spices you like.

Spread on a baking sheet (I like to use my big turkey roasting pan with the high sides – some of the chickpeas may ‘pop’ while they’re roasting) and bake for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring or shaking the pan when you think of it, until they’re nicely browned. They can burn quickly, so keep an eye on them – mine were good to go in about 29 minutes.

Cool on paper towels (to sop up any excess olive oil) and you’re done! I store mine (for as long as they may last) in the fridge, tightly covered.

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