Curried Chicken Salad

ChickenCurrySaladDressingbfLOChicken, pineapple, scallions, celery, and Basmati rice all tossed together in a light dressing made from chicken stock, Masman curry paste, and home made honey mustard dressing.


HoneyMustardCurrybfLOBut first, let’s talk curry. Massaman (or even Matsaman) seems the more common spelling, but my lovely little tub o’ paste from Mae Ploy is spelled Masman, and I’m sticking with it. I love the fresh flavor it brings to sauces, especially that strong hint of lemongrass – YUM! I should also note that the nice folk at Dole, where I found the original recipe, just called for curry powder; so if that’s what you have, go with it – tho’ you’ll be missing out on that tasty, tasty lemongrass!

Also, the no-doubt wise food professionals at Dole call for using a fat free or reduced calorie honey mustard dressing. Hmmm. While I do admit to keeping Ken’s Honey Mustard Dressing in stock for Rich to dip chicken and pork in on those occasions when he feels either needs a little sumpin’ sumpin’ – I totally fail to see the point in searching out a ‘fat free’ or ‘reduced calorie’ honey mustard dressing with da Google only knows what kinds of extra stuff and stabilizers in it when I can make a very nice, thank you very much, dressing out of honey, mustard, and vinegar (rice wine vinegar, in this case, tho’ you could easily substitute cider vinegar).

ChickenCurrySaladbfLOHey, that’s just how I roll…

•2 cups cubed, cooked chicken – I used the half roasted spatchcocked chicken leftover from dinner the other night
•3 cups cooked rice – I used Basmati
•3 cups pineapple chunks – Dole calls for ChickenCurryEggplantbfLOfresh pineapple, but I cut up some canned slices (in juice) stashed in the fridge from our last batch of Banzai Burgers, and they worked fine
•3/4 cup sliced celery
•1/3 cup sliced scallions
•1/4 cup chicken broth
•2 tsp curry powder – OR pick up a tub of Mae Ploy curry paste, you won’t be sorry!
•2 tsp fresh lemon juice
•1/4 cup honey mustard salad dressing – the Dole folk call for reduced calorie or some such silliness, just make your own (the recipe is at the bottom of this post) and save some chemical additives for another time

ChickenSaladSammichbfLOToss the chicken, rice, pineapple, celery and scallions together in a large bowl and set aside.

Stir the chicken stock and curry powder or paste together in a microwave-safe bowl and ‘wave on high for about 45 seconds – just to get it hot. Allow to cool a bit (silly, I know,
but that’s what they say to do) then stir in the lemon juice and honey mustard. Pour the dressing over the chicken mixture and toss to coat. Cover and chill until ready to serve. We had ours with stir-fried Spicy HoneyMustardDressingbfLOEggplant and I was one pretty happy camper.

Leftovers make for a very nice sammich on home made French bread with a schmear of chive cream cheese and a bit of good mayonnaise.

Honey Mustard:
•5 tbsp honey
•3 tbsp mustard – your choice smooth Dijon, coarse Dijon, spicy horseradish, or, as I did this time – French’s bright yellow classic
•2 tbsp rice wine vinegar – or cider vinegar

Whisk together and use as you will.

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