Grilled ‘Shrooms

ShroomsPlatebfLODeceptively simple…

Rich got this wicked cool grill basket thingy for Christmas, and we’d been wondering what to first try in it. We planned on grilling some sirloin steaks and some corn on the cob, and when we came across some perfectly nice sliced ‘shrooms at the market for a really nice price, our decision was made.

ShroomsGrillRichbfLOA quick search of da Google, and a plan was formed:

Believe it or not, a bit of a bath will not hurt your ‘shrooms a bit – just allow them time to dry after your rinse. THEN – and this is the key, season your ‘shrooms and brush on or toss with the oil of your choice (we used some roasted garlic grapeseed oil) just before you plan to grill the suckers. The ‘shrooms will absorb any spices and flavors while cooking.

CornSteakShroomsbfLOWhole ‘shrooms on skewers would work. Ditto with sliced ‘shrooms in a grill pan. But this basket is da bomb! The (detachable – how cool is that?) handle allowed Rich to toss our little bundle of seasoned fungus quickly and easily just off center from the grill’s hot spot, for as long as it took to end up with some truly tasty bits to toss on top of a steak.

A fine meal indeed – and all done on the grill! Well, except for the salad (tho’ I do have a recipe for grilled Romaine I’ve been meaning to try).

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