Grilled Steak Kebobs

SkewersGrilledHorizbfLOPerfect for dad’s day!

In truth, I kinda sorta cheated on these – we bought some Mediterranean marinated sirloin skewers from our local Omaha Steaks store (I had one of those coupon deals that was too good to pass up) – and these are they.

SkewersGrillbfLOBut, HEY! – I thawed the meat and took it off the little, tiny skewers the nice folk at Omaha provided, cut up some onion and red pepper, and recombined it all onto OUR skewers; so I, at the very least, HELPED.

SkewersCornPlatebfLOAnd I gotta say, these were lovely, if you can get the coupon deal I did – something like two sides o’ cow for $50 – I’d say to buy these skewers.

Ermmm, if you CAN’T get the coupon deal – a nice bit of sirloin or two, cut into chunks and tossed into my steak and chop marinade overnight, threaded onto some skewers with red pepper and quartered onion, and then tossed on the grill would be the way to go.

We had ours with some grilled corn on the cob and Basmati rice fresh from the cooker. I also saved a bit of the seasoned butter I use on the corn for Rich to brush on the steak bits and veggies while he was grilling.


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