Tasty, tasty steaks

B&DSteakVertbfLOWe all agreed that none of the steak packages at Costco were ‘right’. Don’t get me wrong, they were ALL lovely – but some packages had too many steaks and some too few. We toyed with the idea of just buying the ‘small’ packet  of three HUGE rib eyes and splitting them between the six of us; but opted to ask the very pleasant butcher people to put together a packet of six, hopefully more moderately sized, rib eyes.

Twas not to be.

The very pleasant butcher people accommodated us with a packet of six rib eyes – it’s just that they were six, still HUGE, rib eyes.


Stick a fork in and turn us over, we’ve all been supersized.

Bob brought his famous marinade – based on Mr Yoshida’s teriyaki sauce – from home and gave the steaks a good, long soaking SteakplatebfLOwhile we were out and about on Thursday. Don and I had picked up some onions, assorted peppers, and some tiny yellow tomatoes at the local Meijer while we were out buying bath towels and wash cloths Wednesday night (it is a good rule of thumb to CLOSELY read what IS and IS NOT provided when renting a vacation property), and we planned to skewer the lot and grill them along with the steaks. Bringing up the side courses would be the pasta salad and French carrots I brought from home along with the whoopie pies.

The rain, of course, began falling with a purpose once Bob started the gas grill, but in a true team effort – Rich provided the umbrella that Andrew used to shelter Bob while he was wrangling steaks and skewer while the rest of us cheered him on from indoors. Our good thoughts and Andrew’s umbrella skills combined to provide a truly fine meal.

The veggies had been brushed with OK olive oil, decent pepper, and generic (but freshly ground) sea salt before being skewered and tossed on the grill (we’d meant to pick up additional seasoning at the Spice Merchant, but gave them a miss Thursday afternoon in our rush to get home). Lack of additional seasoning aside, Bob did a masterful job of handling the veggies and the steaks – everyone got what they wanted how they wanted it.

WafflesbfLOErmmm, it just so happened that there was a bit MORE than anyone could finish.

It is, I think, only fair to note at this point that three average rib eyes from Costco will, indeed feed six people.

And then, there were the waffles the next morning.

One lives, one learns…

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