Grilled Romaine

RomaineGrillHorizbfLOHere’s a quick one today – seeing as how I’ve got a date with the puppy groomer (SHARP! nails) and then a full day ahead…

We saw someone somewhere on the TeeVee grill romaine and thought it looked – intriguing. As it happens, it’s wicked simple, and fairly tasty, too!

I used our indoor kitchen grill, so didn’t get the same quality of char I would on the Weber, but this still made for a nice way to grill your salad along with the rest of dinner – we were having salmon filets in a balsamic spice rub.

SalmonGrilledRomainePlatterbfLOOnce the rest of your dinner is off the grill and resting, cut a head (or more) of romaine in half and pop it directly on your freshly oiled grill.

Turn once, after the romaine is lightly charred and slightly wilted to do the same to the other side.

Sprinkle with a bit of olive oil and red wine vinegar – I also added a bit of freshly shaved pecorino cheese.

Nice. And the salmon? Nicer…

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