Your Basic Grilled Tuna Steak

TunaPlateVertbfLOWe’ve done the whole Auruduci thing – and it was good.

Then we tried the Dalmation thing (again – no – not the dog – the coast on the Adriatic) – and it, too, was good.

And THEN, I got to thinking…

Back in the day – when Madonna was an ingenue – well, ermmm, ingenue-like, at least – the only thing I knew to do with a steak of the piscine variety was to slather it in mayonnaise and toss it on a grill. Of course; Thai food was a distant, slightly exotic, restaurant on Geary in San Francisco, and Indian cuisine and spices were an unknown – well, except for that 1/8 tsp of curry powder my Aunt Buzz would add to her honey-curry chicken… BUT! back to my pondering:

How, I wondered, would a basic slathering of mayonnaise applied to tuna steaks before tossing ‘em on the kitchen grill be after all these years?

SeasonedMayobfLONot too, too bad, as it turned out. I DID add a bit to the mayonnaise, just to keep things interesting, but didn’t get all crazy – I’ll save that for NEXT time.

We’d already had sweet chili glazed salmon this week, and, to be honest, I totally missed that nice tin of Madras Curry Powder on my spice rack, so I kept things pretty basic with my mayonnaise mixture.

•2 tuna steaks
•1/2 cup mayonnaise
•1 tbsp red wine vinegar
•1 tsp Cajun Power Spicy Garlic Sauce or Tabasco, if you prefer
•Dried herbs of your choice – I used some parsley and chives
•Olive oil

Whisk together and set in the fridge while you put the tuna together.

TunaGrillDonebfLOI used two Ahi steaks I’d bought frozen at Target, then thawed in the fridge. Toss the steaks in a bit of salt and pepper, then a bit of olive oil, and allow to marinate for thirty minutes. Ready your grill.

Pull the tuna from the oil and apply the mayonnaise mixture to one side. Pop on your oiled grill grate for three to five minutes, then flip and apply the remaining mayonnaise to the other side. Cook for another three to five minutes, or until the TunaPlatebfLOsteaks are done to your preference. I should note that I was using our kitchen grill, which puts out less heat and charring potential than the Weber, so adjust your cooking times accordingly.

Obviously, if I had been using fresh Ahi Tuna, I wouldn’t have treated it this way, or cooked it for as long as I did, but frozen? Nice.

This treatment, or any variation thereof you might prefer, works a treat with swordfish, shark, or most any other fish steak as well – so go forth and grill while ‘tis the season!

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