Quelle bummer!

BurgerbfLOWe were slouching about with our friends Golnaz and Mehran a few weeks back and speaking, as we so often are, about food.

They just so happen to live wicked close to our most favored of all hole-in-da-wall burger and dog places, and we wanted to be certain they knew of the little, slightly dingy, gem in their midst.

They were not impressed.

“Their meat tastes frozen”, sniffed Golnaz.


I was shocked, shocked, I say – that anyone could so easily dismiss one of the truly great burgers I have been priviledged to gnaw on, and put it down to Golnaz being overly picky and, well, a bit too Persian.

BurgerDealSignbfLOWe were in the neighborhood yesterday, and the idea of a burger meal deal sounded too good to pass up; that yummy flat-topped grilled beef and those tasty, tasty fries, all for a dash under $6.

Harrumph. I never should doubted her.

They’ve changed suppliers or their suppliers have cheaped out, but these burgers are bad, baby – and not in a good way. Where we could once bite into a juicy patty tasting slightly of yummy, yummy char; we were now provided a gray slab o’ meat tasting of nothing so much as the freezer and despair.

HotDogbfLOYes, I was that disappointed. The fries are still quite good, the Cherry Coke from the bubbler remains pleasantly aerated, and the folk working there are uniformly pleasant; but the burger?

Better to spend your money on a daily double burger meal at the place with the arches – the fries are just about as good, but the burger is far superior.

We both had burgers yesterday, so I don’t know it their hot dogs have suffered a similar drop in quality and flavor, but I doubt we’ll go back to find out.

Update: Stadium Hots limped along until late 2012/early 2013, and we never did go back.

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