My $10 Tomato

TenBuckTomatobfLOFriends of ours have their $100,000 rain gutter, and my car has its $1200 headlight (both rather long stories you really don’t need to hear, do you?), and now, in much the same vein, I have my tomato, the first to come from teh garden so far this year.

We were shopping for plants earlier this spring when we came across this big jug o’ plum tomatoes for only 9.97(!) – “Grow in this pot or transplant into your garden for an even BIGGER yield!”

Yeah, right.

Earlier this month I did get a few small, hard, green nubs that quickly rotted away before turning into anything resembling a plum tomato, and in truth, the plant hasn’t been looking too, too good since we brought it home, so I’m kinda surprised to get anything at this point. Also, truth be told, there shoulda been two plum tomatoes in this bowl – but Mr. Chippy beat me to t’other one yesterday morning.

TenBuckTomatoesSqbfLOSo, there you have it – nature has conspired to provide me one (the other two are straight from Target), fresh from teh garden plum tomato – and it only cost $10 and a three month wait.

Next year, I am going to have a plan – and mebbe some better tomato plants.

Happy Saturday, peeps.

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