Jalapeño Mustard Grilled Tuna Steak

TunaSaladBowlHorizbfLOWe’d been on the road, visiting family in Indiana (and noshing), then at home, with family from Canada visiting us (and noshing), and finally chilling with friends (and noshing) – it was time for something reasonably healthful for dinner.

Ahi tuna steaks – fresh from the freezer section of our local Target – fit the bill, and, when you think of it; since the glaze I was playing around with was originally meant (by the nice folk at Southern Living) to be a dipping sauce for fried chicken fingers, and I was going to brush it on tuna – that counts as a healthy choice, right?

JellyMustardMayobfLOYeh, I know, kinda like washing that triple bacon cheezburger down with the small diet soda, but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

•Tuna steaks – I used a package of frozen Ahi Tuna Steaks, thawed in the fridge
•1/4 cup mayonnaise  – as a dipping sauce for chicken, the nice folk at SL called for 1/2 cup, so there’s another bit of healthful savings – that calls for a cookie!
TunaGrillSaucebfLO•2 tbsp Creole Mustard
•1 tbsp red pepper jelly

The recipe called for simply stirring the mayonnaise together with the mustard and the pepper jelly, which I did, but next time, I plan on combining the mustard with the jelly, then warming for about 60 seconds in the ‘wave to melt the jelly, allowing this lovely little concoction to cool and THEM stirring into the mayonnaise.

TunaGrillDonebfLOMuch more better, I think.

Pull your tuna steaks from the fridge, slather ’em with a bit of the mustard mixture, and set aside for about thirty minutes.

Pop the steaks on a well-oiled hot grill (I was using our kitchen grill) and cook for 2-1/2 to four minutes per side, brushing with additional sauce. If I had been using fresh TunaSaladRicebfLOAhi, I would’ve done for the shorter cooking time, but with frozen, even good frozen that we really like, like these puppies, I tend to go for more well done.

Served with some yellow rice (I’m still working on my version, so this time it was Vigo’s) and that wicked tasty Asian salad, I’d say we had a pretty decent, and pretty healthy, dinner.

Oh, and if there’s any leftover tuna?

REALLY NICE sliced and served on top of some of that leftover salad with a bit of the soy dressing.

Who needs Niçoise?

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