Parfait! Pot Roast o’ Love

PotRoastoLoveHorizbfLOI know I’ve gone to this well several times, but how fitting for the season (fall), and the day (ermmm, my wedding day, peeps) to remind us all of the goodness that is the modified Alton Brown pot roast seasoned liberally with my fave seasoning blend o’ the moment.

•1 chuck roast – I picked up a very nice two-pack on sale at one of our local markets and stashed ’em both in the freezer, but if you can find it, Target has one of the nicest cuts of this bit o’ beast I’ve come across.
•Olive oil
PotRoastSeasonedbfLO•8 tbsp seasoning – I use the any steak seasoning I have on hand, but you could use any seasoning mixture you like, or make your own – the rub I’ve been using on cherry-cola ribs would be nice here as well.
•Aromatic veggies – as always, I go through the bottom of my veggie drawer for stuff that’s still good, but mebbe not good enough for a salad or pride of place on a dinner plate, then roughly chop it and toss it in with the roast; think celery, peppers, radishes, carrots PotRoastSeasonedReadytoWrapbfLOand the like, tho’ you could probably go a bit exotic and toss in a quartered orange if the mood strikes, and of course, always, onion.

Heat the oven to 250º.

Pop your chopped aromatics into the bottom of a roasting pan lined with heavy-duty foil (or, you could double layer regular foil).

PotRoastDonebfLOCoat the roast with the olive oil and rub the seasoning mixture well into both sides.

Alton Brown’s Method calls for giving the roast a good searing at this point, which is nice, but I’ve found that just nestling it on top of all those veggies, adding some bonus onion slices over all works just about as well, and doesn’t fill the house with a smoky seared pot roast smell.

PotRoastPlatterbfLOFold the foil over and seal into a packet, then cover the pot and slide it into your slow oven for 2-1/2 to 3 hours.

Pull the pot roast out of the oven and set aside, still sealed and covered, for another thirty minutes while you’re putting the rest of dinner together – I was serving my new favorite Seven Spice balsamic green beans and oven roasted new potatoes.

When ready to serve, transfer the roast to a platter, along with some of those tasty bonus onions from the top o’ the PotRoastJuicesStrainedbfLOroast (I don’t use the veggies from under the roast – to me, they’re just too loaded with grease and fat – and not in a good way).

Cut the roast into slices and pass to your grateful dinner companions.

OH, and those aromatics that I’ve shunned? Well, they haven’t been totally wasted, After dinner, I strain the pan juices they’ve flavored so nicely into a bowl and stash ’em in the fridge overnight to solidify the fat, which I then pluck off and chuck. I now have some very pleasant beast stock and am thinkin’ it may be time for a batch of  Martha’s Onion Soup.

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