Wedding Weekend

I was going to do a post on this really nice Indonesian Swordfish recipe I tried, but, it’s the end of a long and busy weekend, and I still have stuff to do and people to see – so let’s raise a sparkling cocktail or three and get this done…

WeddingBeeRichJennyHorizbfLOOur friends Bee and Jenny (shown here with Rich) joined us at the courthouse on Friday while we went before a judge and did the whole ‘do you’ thing – very short and sweet, but Rich and I are legally and officially wed right up to the limits o’ the law (YAY!), and if that causes anyone any problems, tough beans – get your own blog and start tossing the scare quotes around.

CafePyreneesMenubfLOThe weather was perfect – sunny and warm, with a light breeze off the lake. We followed the ceremony with a stroll through a local park and pictures (ask nicely and Rich, Jenny, or Bee will be very happy to share on the facebook), then some chill time at home before meeting friends for dinner at Cafe CPGoatCheesePitabfLOPyrenees – a WONDERFUL French restaurant in Libertyville that we’ve been meaning to check out for years.

The fact that Fridays are half-price martini nights is, of course, but a courtesy detail…

To start, Jenny had a quite nice bowl of onion soup, Bob and Don a lovely little platter of scallops and shrimp over nicely done lentils (there’re those lentils again, I am going to HAVE to do something with them), and Rich and I split a bit of goat CPDuckbfLOcheese and toasted pita with a tomato sauce – very good, even tho’ goat cheese is not one of my favorite things.

DINNER, now – THAT was one of my very favorite things – a duck breast and a leg on top of some well and truly smashed sweet poatoes with a Door County cherry sauce to finish it all off.


Don’t ask  me what everyone else had, ’cause I don’t really recall or care – my duck was THAT good.

Or, maybe it was the martini…

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  1. Kris says:

    Hi Terry!
    Congrats to you and Rich on your wedding!! Wishing you many more happy years together.


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