LobsterTailsPotVertUSEbfLONot too, too long after our courthouse wedding last month, we got an envelope in the mail inviting us to sample some o’ the wonders that be LobsterGram, courtesy of our friends Mark and Andrew – thanks, guys!

Knowing only too well that, were we to order the live Maine lobster we would gain a kinda skeevy house pet and no doubt lose the convenient use of our bath tub, we opted for a pair o’ lobster tails and a nice chunk of chowder.

Which arrived on our front porch yesterday…







LobsterChowderPlateAltbfLOand, thanks to the handy instructions included, was on our dinner plates soon thereafter.

I could’ve made some sort of additional side dish or salad to accompany the Oh!, so sweet and tasty lobster tails and the just-about-best-I’ve-had-in-a-LONG-time chowder, but NO, darnit.

Lobstah. Chowdah. And, ermmm, a few, wee, tiny drops o’ Tabasco Chipotle;

’twas what’s for dinner!

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