Parfait! Limoncello Tasting

LimoncelloTasteHpBFLO‘Twas time.

My limoncello has been resting in individual bottles in the fridge for just a week – the bare minimum before it should be sampled – but holiday food basket making time is come, and a tasting was needed before adding this pretty golden libation to the mix.

The result?

Not too, too bad!

Served cold from the fridge in a frosty port glass – it was sweet, but not super sweet, and mebbe not as quite smooth as I thought it would be. Rich is my go-to-guy for sweet drinks, but he is just getting over a cold and didn’t feel like a small tipple before his bedtime Nyquil, so with just my opinion registered, I’ll pronounce this a keeper with a caveat:

I think this would be lovely on the rocks with mebbe a splash of sparkling water – but that’s the way I would prefer to drink just about any liqueur – except for mebbe Drambuie – which would get the rocks, but not the sparkling water.

If you haven’t yet started your batch, you are out of luck for Christmas and New Year, but there’s still plenty of time to offer a little sumpin’ sumpin’ lemon for the Super Bowl and Groundhog Day!


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  1. Gary Bruner says:

    I know I do not log in as much as I should here. But this picture and presentation is absolutely great Terry. Can’t wait for our celebration Christmas weekend!

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