Parfait! Buttermilk Meatballs with Stuff!

MeatballsCrockPotSqbfLOYeh, I know…

It’s not the most attractive of images, but I was kinda busy at the time and didn’t think to take any better pics.

Still, this last post featuring food from Golnaz and Mehran’s cocktail party/baby shower tasted a lot better than this image looks – even if I believe (as I most certainly do) that it would’ve been a whole lot better if I had just made an extra batch of my own sauce instead of using the bottled stuff.

17MeatballsCookedbfLOOh well. One lives, one learns, one has the t-shirt to remember it all by.

First. You recall the Parfait! recipe from 3 Fridays ago? Ms. G’s Buttermilk Meatballs, safely stashed in the freezer, forms the base for this classic party munchie – and once you have 60 of these tasty little darlin’s in reserve, the preparation is simplicity itself.

•2 (12 oz) jars chili sauce
•1 (32 oz) jar grape jelly
•Frozen meatballs – 1 bag, if you buy those things from the market, or about 60 home made (much more better, I should think)

Here’s where it gets wicked simple.

Stir the chili sauce together with the grape jelly in a large slow cooker, then add the meatballs, and cook on low for 3 or 4 hours.

Nice, but it needed something. Either my Indian inspired spicy garlic-pepper sauce, or mebbe just a tablespoon or 3 of horseradish.

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