Cumin and Roasted Red Pepper Allioli

09AlioliDoneJarbfLOLast week we got together in downtown Indianapolis with Rich’s family at this really cool tapas restaurant, and most everyone was really taken with the cumin allioli. Rich’s mom liked it so much that I told her we would try to make a batch while she was staying with us that next week. This is the result.

Basically a garlic mayonnaise, I had no trouble finding a recipe and working out an amount for the cumin, but the subtle, red tint to BARcelona’s was a puzzle…

•5 garlic cloves (mebbe too much)
•1/8 tsp sea salt
•1/2 roasted red pepper
•1 egg + 1 egg yolk
•1/2 lemon – juiced ( 1 tbsp)
•1/4 tsp cumin
•1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
•1/2 cup canola oil

03GarlicSaltBlendedbfLOYep – I settled on using a bit of roasted red pepper to add a touch of sweetness along with that slightly rosy hue, tho’ next time I will bump it up to one whole roasted pepper.

Ermmm, next time, I will probably lighten up a bit on the garlic, too. 5 cloves made for a, let us say pungent allioli that was a touch too garlicky for some. Still pretty darned tasty, tho’.

05EggLemonGarlicBlenderbfLOHowever much garlic you choose to use, add it, along with the salt, to a blender or small food processor and give it a good whiz to mince.

Add the roasted red pepper and blend until you have a nice, red purée.

Add the egg yolk, the egg, the lemon juice, and the cumin and pulse to blend.

Remove the feeding tube from the blender cover and set aside.

06aAlioliBlenderAddOilClearbfLOCombine the olive oil with the canola oil in a small pitcher.

With the blender running, drizzle in the blended oils slowly, allowing the mixture to absorb them and emulsify into a rich, creamy, garlicky mayonnaise.

How was it?

The force of teh garlic is strong in this one;  but I pronounce this one fine batch o’ cumin allioli.

08ChickenSaladWhiteBowlbfLOI served our allioli along with a horseradish sauce and some rémoulade as options for a nicely marinated batch of grilled lamb chops, and it was a pretty big hit.

Later, I added some to a chicken salad and was also most pleased.




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