Bacon-Wrapped Filet

01BaconWrappedFiletsbfLOI am not a huge filet fan. I mean, yeh, it’s a decent cut of meat, and certainly tender, but when I think of steak, I think of a rib eye, or mebbe a t-bone.

Still, while poking through the meat case at Target (yes, Target – their meats are actually pretty nice, I highly recommend their chuck roast cut) – Rich came across these little, tiny filets, all neatly wrapped in bacon and begging to come home with us.

How could I say no?

•6 bacon-wrapped filets
Gateway to the North Seasoning
– or your favorite steak seasoning
•Sea salt
•Tellicherry pepper
•Olive oil

03FiletsGrillbfLOSeason all sides of the filets with the salt, pepper, and steak seasoning of choice (I really love Gateway to the North, with it’s nips of maple and garlic) and set aside.

Heat your grill to high – I used my kitchen grill, if you make these on a big boy grill, you may need to adjust temperatures and cooking times. I should also note that we like our steaks rare, so you may want to adjust your cooking times if you like less (or no) pink on your plate.

Brush the grill lightly with olive oil and add the filets.

05FiletsGrillDonebfLOClose the grill cover and cook for four minutes.

Turn the filets over, close the cover, and cook for another two minutes.

Remove the cover, cook for another two minutes, then place the filets on their sides and brown the bacon.

07FiletPlatebfLORemove to a warm plate, cover, and let rest for five minutes.


Tender. Tasty. Flavorful.

A fine fall dinner with roasted baby potatoes and Brussels sprouts. The bacon kept the filets from drying out, and the seasonings added just the right notes of maple and garlic and smoke.

I will be buying these again.

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