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Parfait! Jalapeño Cream Cheese Spread

Life is a mystery. I had two tiny ounces of cream cheese left over from making a grapefruit pound cake, and really hated the thought of it growing all crispity-edged in the cheese drawer. Then I recalled my jalapeño cream … Continue reading

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Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wrapped in Bacon

Yeh. I know. I had you at bacon. Irregardless, this stoopidly simple little recipe from Paula Deen makes for one fine bit of munchie goodness – even if it lacks her trademarked ingredient of butter. I served these l’il guys … Continue reading

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Cornbread Madeleines

Lesson the First: never deliver a batch of cornbread baked in Madeleine pans to a Frenchman without a proper explanation; he will think you’ve gone mad. Mira was just home from delivering the lovely lady Dahlia, and so couldn’t make … Continue reading

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Black Bean Enchiladas

One of my personal goals for the year is to work more vegetarian and seafood meals into our home diets. The seafood is kinda easy, because Rich is traveling to New England on bidness a few times a month where … Continue reading

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Lemon(ish) Sorbet

We quite like the show ‘Extra Virgin‘ on The Cooking Channel. Debi Mazar and her husband Gabriele Corcos always make interesting food, and a lot of times, it is not too, too involved or complicated to make – simply quality … Continue reading

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Parfait! Bacon Jam Ciabatta Rolls

Last week’s Parfait! was bacon jam, a kindofa cunning little condiment that folk seem to really enjoy. My thought was, instead of spreading the jam on a cracker – or just eating out of the jar with a spoon as … Continue reading

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Mussels in Garlic and Wine

When last we left our veggie stock, I had plans for it; plans starting, but by no means ending, with a 3.99 box of mussels from my local market’s freezer case. The Chilean bivalves, I was assured, were well and … Continue reading

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Veggie Stock

Never underestimate the value of a really good stock. I normally get by by dressing up my favorite organic stock with a few tips (and a dash of wine) from Julia Child, but this time, my stock cupboard was bare, … Continue reading

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Ants Climbing a Tree

No. There are NO ANTS involved in this recipe. This is, instead, a take on a classic Sichuan dish made with ground pork, dried bean thread noodles, and stuff. It’s simple, quick to toss together and make, and pretty darned … Continue reading

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Ginger Pound Cake

I can’t recall where or why I came across this recipe, but it makes for a quite nice – if kinda fussy to make – pound cake. We could talk crumb texture, crust, the cool dessert knife I picked up … Continue reading

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