Naan Caprese

03NaanCapresebfLOIt’s hot (somewhere)…

It’s Tuesday…

I don’t feel like cooking…

Well then, Bucky, how’s about this little bit of goodness ready in next-to-no-time on the grill (ermmm, as long as you’ve already roasted some garlic and stashed it in teh fridge for just such a moement): ladies and gentlemen, I give you Naan Caprese Pizza, and my! is it tasty!

BasilPorchbfLOBest thing is, you can pick up the Naan along with the tomatoes and fresh mozz at Target, then cut a bit of the basil from the plant that is slowly taking over your front porch – ermmm, if you are like use. We’ve had basil beetle problems for the past two years with the plants on our deck, so this year, we moved it to our front porch.


01NaanbfLOBasil for days – and no beetles to speak of!

Back to the naan!

•4 slices Naan
•Fresh tomato, sliced
•Fresh mozzarella, sliced
•Fresh basil, sliced into ribbons
•Olive oil
•Roasted garlic
•Balsamic vinegar

02NaanToppingsbfLOFirst, the garlic and the vinegar.

If you don’t have any roasted garlic stashed in a jar in teh fridge, just cut the top off of a bulb, place it in the middle of a square of foil, sprinkle with sea salt, black pepper, and olive oil, then close the foil around the garlic and pop into a hot 425º oven for about 40 minutes.

04OptionsbfLOFor the balsamic, I use this incredibly good 25 year old stuff we get at this place in Wisconsin. If you are using regular balsamic from the market, simmer 1/4 cup in a small saucepan for about ten minutes, until it is thick and syrupy, and reduced to about a tablespoon.

OK, all that done, let’s make us some pizza!

Heat your grill, then rub both sides of the naan with some of the roasted garlic and just a bit of good olive oil.

05SlicesbfLOAdd the naan to the grill for two minutes, then flip, add the toppings, and cook for another two or three minutes, until the cheese is melted.

As you may note, we added a second, more traditional version with sauce, peperoni, black olives, and more of the basil. Both were delicious.

Drizzle your caprese with a bit of the balsamic and, if you like, sprinkle both with some Aleppo pepper.

Nice, tasty, and simple.

Too simple.

I think I may have to learn how to make naan…

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