A Simple Treat…

DoughnutsToastedbfLOWhen we were on vacation in Door County, we came across some apple cider doughnuts at a couple of different farm stands.

While the doughnuts themselves were quite nice, they put me in mind of a ridiculously simple treat from back in the day when a nice fall weekend meant a trip to one of our family’s homes on a mountain in New Hampshire, and a, shall we say brisk, morning was vastly improved by the aroma of cinnamon doughnuts (the cheap ones, from the market!) toasted in the oven.

DoughnutsFoilbfLOHow much more better, then, to use these locally made beauties?

Simply heat your oven to 3o0º, arrange your doughnuts on a pan or a bit of foil, then bake for ten to fifteen minutes.

MapleLeavesTBeqLOTo be honest, Rich looked at me as if I was nuts when I first tried to explain this method of improving on store-bought doughnuts.


then he bit into one, fresh from the oven.

Later that day, we were out and about looking for more apple cider doughnuts to toast.

Set aside your glazed and say hallooo to a classic!

And, Happy Autumn!

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