Grilled Chuck Steak and a FINE Marinade

05aSteakRestbfLOIt is well known that I am a sucker for a deal; so when I came across this packet of chuck steak at the market with a $3 off coupon on it, there was absolutely no doubt it’d be coming home with me.

Now, what to do with it?

The weather is getting nicer, how about grilling? Of course, chuck steak on its own on the grill would be nothing but a big ole chewy piece of grilled shoe leather; but after an overnight in a marinade?


Don’t get me wrong, this steak is not taking the place of a prime cut of aged beef, but the marinade tenderized it nicely, and the end result was so very good that I may be rethinking my standard steak and chop marinade in the future.

•1 chuck steak
•Olive oil

•1/2 cup olive oil
•1 tsp honey
•1/2 cup chili sauce (I used mine)
•1 tsp chili powder
•2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
•2 tbsp soy sauce
•1/2 tsp hot sauce
•2 tsp sweet relish

03bSteakMarinadebfLOAdd all of the marinade ingredients to a blender jar and mix well.

Pour the marinade over the chuck steak in a gallon-sized zipper bag, then stash in a flat-bottomed bowl or on a rimmed plate (in case the bag leaks) in the fridge overnight – giving the steak a flip and mebbe a squeeze or three when you think of it.

06cSteakPlatebfLOAbout an hour before you plan to grill, take the steak out of the fridge and allow to come to room temperature.

When ready to cook, heat your grill, remove the steak from the marinade (discard the marinade) and brush the grill with olive oil.

Grill the steak a couple of minutes per side, then remove to a plate, cover, and let rest for five or ten minutes before serving.

We really liked this marinade – served with a baked potato and a tossed romaine, sweet onion, and feta salad, it was a fine way to break in our new tank of propane with the grill. Fortunately, I have a half-dozen jars or so of my chili sauce in the pantry, so I believe we’ll be seeing a lot more it as grilling season progresses.

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