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Parfait! Pot Roast

Let’s end the week with a tasty take on pot roast – made special with the liberal use of  your fave roast beast seasoning. My dad was a firm believer in salt, pepper, a bay leaf, and a roasting bag … Continue reading

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C’mon by, we have (5 dozen) cookies!

Most of the holiday goodies were gone (thank da Google!) – yes, there is still an overfull cheese drawer, and just a bit of the addictive caramel puff corn left sitting there temptingly in a zipper bag in the corner … Continue reading

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Shrimp With Pesto

Shrimp, warmed in butter, then tossed with a bit of freshly made pesto. See, it all started when Rich bough two bags of frozen cooked tail-on shrimp for New Year noshing… We only went through one bag with wicked good … Continue reading

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Brie, Pastry Wrapped, With Pepper Jelly

Here’s a simple, wicked tasty way to bring the festive to your winter festivities: baked brie, sliced in half and spread with pepper jelly, them wrapped in crescent roll dough, brushed with a bit of egg, and baked. The original … Continue reading

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Best! Barbecued Pork Belly

Simple to make, undeniably tasty, and good enough to hold its own as a dinner entrée – mebbe over a bowl of rice or noodles – this is, I think, my preferred way to serve pork belly now, and just … Continue reading

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Parfait! THE (BEST!) Barbecue Sauce

I’ve been making this barbecue sauce for a loooooong time (*cough* 40 years?!?), and it has always been a favorite at cookouts and in holiday gift baskets – I even have to slip an extra jar into the goodie bag … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Vodka Sauce

Sometimes, you just want a nice bowl of pasta with a zippy sauce, but mebbe could do without adding meat (we are just over the holidays, and all that excess, after all). This sauce, being a vodka sauce, is not … Continue reading

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Snap Pea Stir Fry

We were planning a low key New Year’s Eve dinner, Tamari and Sriracha and Tuna Steaks with home made Sriracha and Lime Mayonnaise, and Rich was poking around the produce section at Target looking for a likely veggie side. Hmmm. … Continue reading

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Tamari and Sriracha Tuna Steaks

…with toasted sesame seeds and just a bit of chopped fresh basil on top. Yum. We learned how to make this recipe when we took a seafood cooking class at Sur la Table last fall. Over the course of a … Continue reading

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Sriracha and Lime Mayonnaise

Last month, I got an early Christmas present in the form of this handy-dandy mini (two cup) food processor, and used it, first thing, to make a horseradish and Sriracha aioli, kinda like the sriracha and lime aioli we’d made … Continue reading

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