Westboroughshire Sauce

03bWboroshireSaucebfLOI was burger hungry, and had come across a pretty nice looking recipe for pub burgers but… wait! What?

How could I be out of Worcestershire sauce?


Well, thanks be to da Google, I discovered that, according to wikihow, Worcestershire sauce is “a condiment made by mixing malt vinegar with flavoring agents.” Well, I had malt vinegar, and plenty of flavoring agents.

01bIngredientsbfLOAccording to wikihow, garlic, molasses, onion, anchovies, lime, tamarind, and soy sauce are common additions. I chose to use a combination of stuff I had in my pantry or fridge. Sherry Peppers Sauce has tamarind nectar in it, so that was an easy add. I had that pint of zippy tomato relish in the fridge that needed using, so there was another; what next?

02aSauceBlendedbfLOHmmm, one batch of pepper jelly I’d put up was… OK, but not great (too many green peppers, I think), so I wouldn’t be using it as a star ingredient, like with baked brie, but as a small part of a greater whole, why not?

So, I gathered a beaker and my immersion blender and set to work.

•1/2 cup malt vinegar
•1/4 cup pepper jelly
•1 tbsp Sherry Peppers Sauce
•1 heaping tbsp zippy tomato relish

Add the ingredients to a handy beaker, mixing bowl, or blender, then whisk or whizzz or pulse until well and truly blended.

Taste. Nice!

Stash in a covered jar in the fridge until needed.

What I needed was to make some pub burgers; so I gathered my stuff together and set to work.

Those details, tomorrow.

BTW, Westboroughshire Sauce?!? Simple. I never lived in Worcester, but Westborough, yeah, youbetcha! just off route nine.



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