Parfait! Better-For-You Chicken Wings

02eWingsReadybfLOThe first time I had home made chicken wings, I was at a friend’s house. She brought out this baking dish loaded with breaded chicken wings baked in a hot sauce and melted butter sauce.


But, ermmm, kinda heavy. All that breading. All that butter. And then the bleu cheese.

Well, c’mon, they’re wings, you gotta have the bleu cheese, but everything else?

01aSeasoningsBagbfLONot so much.

Over the years, I’ve played with the recipe, adjusting seasonings and the method and the sauce; and, I think we really prefer our wings this way now: just a touch of flour, no butter, and my own, home made Sherry Peppers Sauce to add a bit of a kick.

01aWingsSeasonedPanbfLOOh, and the bleu cheese – tho’ we’ve been known to use ranch in a pinch.

•2 pkgs chicken wings (I like the trimmed drumettes) – about 20
•1 tbsp veggie oil
•1 cup Sherry Peppers Sauce

Seasoning Blend:
(for each package of wings)
•2 tbsp flour (for gluten free, try ground oat meal or almond flour)
•1 tsp dried parsley
•1 tsp garlic powder
•1 tsp onion powder
•1/2 tsp Aleppo pepper
•1/2 tsp celery salt
•1/2 tsp sea salt
•1/4 tsp black pepper
•1/4 tsp red pepper

Heat your oven to 400º.

02cAddSherryPeppersbfLOLine a baking pan with foil and, if you have one (why don’t you?) place a fitted rack in the pan and apply cooking spray.

Add the seasonings for one package of wings to a gallon-sized zipper bag – I usually assemble the seasoning blend for each package of wings in prep bowls while waiting for the oven to heat – and shake to combine.

Add the wings, close and shake to coat with the seasoning blend.

03aSaladSidesbfLODrizzle the oil over the wings in the bag and shake again to coat.

Arrange the seasoned wings in a single layer on the prepared rack and repeat the process with the remaining packages of wings.

Bake for 45 minutes, then remove from the oven and transfer the wings to a large bowl.

Pour the Sherry Peppers Sauce over the wings and toss to coat. Arrange the wings in a single layer back on the rack and pop back into the oven for 15 more minutes.

03bWingsPlatebfLORemove from the oven and serve with celery sticks, bleu cheese or ranch dressing, and whichever sides you feel like. This time, we had a tossed salad and Korean potato salad to round out our dinner.

Note: no Sherry Peppers Sauce? No problem! The wings seasoning blend will work with any number of sauces; try terryaki, or barbecue, or even Buffalo style, it really is all good.

And not even too, too bad for you!

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