Crazy(?!?) Coffee

03aCoffeebfLOJust to prove the point that it’s not all sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everywhere around about this here food blog thing-y; I give you this…

Crazy Coffee.

To give him his due, when I described the recipe to my husband, he gave me major side-eye and implied he was happy to be travellin’ on bidness for the week.

Still, I thought it worth the try…


What a waste of a perfectly good (K) cup of coffee. The oil coated my tongue like the bad idea it was and the butter? Well, I took the advice of the person who posted this recipe 02aButterCoconutOilbfLO(I will not add further shame by naming them, but they should really think twice before extolling something this, totally, terribly bad again) and used unsalted butter, Irish, actually; and I am really happy I got it on sale, because that stuff is way too pricy to waste on dreck like this.

Still want to try it?

OK, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

•12 oz strong, hot coffee
•1 tbsp coconut oil
•1 tbsp unsalted butter

02cBlendedbfLOPlace the butter and coconut oil in the jar of your blender and pour the coffee over.

Blend for about 15 seconds, until the butter and oil have melted and your coffee has a nice bit of froth going on the the top.

Pour into a mug and…


I don’t think so, but everyone has different tastes, so mebbe you won’t hate this with a very dark passion as do I.

I’d rather try to make tater tot waffles again.

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