Parfait! French Peas

PeasPlatebfLOTender, sweet, and oh! so tasty; this is just about the only way I make peas anymore, so thanks to Julia Child and whomever inspired her to simplify the more traditional French pea cooking method… we don’t need no scallions or chicken stock or iceberg lettuce; just frozen peas, a bit of butter, some salt, sugar, and water.

As a side note, tho’ these are among my favorite veggies, my husband has this thing about peas; he likes them, just not in anything (think pot pies or tuna casserole),

01bPeasButterBruisedbfLOso, when I am feeling like peas, this is how we do ’em.

•3 Cups shelled green peas*
•2 tbsp room temperature butter
•1/2 tsp sugar
•1/2 tsp salt

PeasCookbfLO*One bag of frozen is perfect here.

Combine the ingredients in a saucepan and mix briefly using your palms and fingers to coat the peas with the butter, salt and sugar.

Add just enough cold water to reach the top of the peas. Cover and bring to a boil.

Boil slowly for about six minutes until the peas are tender, checking often to make sure the water hasn’t boiled off before the peas are done.

PeasReducedbfLOIf the peas are tender and there’s still water in the pan, uncover and boil until it has evaporated and the peas are coated with the sugared salted butter.

Set aside, covered, and toss over moderate heat to warm before serving.

These are so very good they should not even count as a vegetable.

Note: if you’d like to try one of my favorite childhood treats, combine these lovely peas with a bit of freshly cooked basmati rice and a dash or two of tamari.


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