Parfait! No Buttermilk? No Problem!

01aButtermilkbfLOI use buttermilk in a lot of recipes: to make this week’s red velvet waffles, for a kick butt brine for turkey breast at the holidays, one fine meatloaf, as a marinade before grilling chicken or chops, in potato salad, and even in a salad dressing.

The thing is, I rarely keep actual buttermilk in the house, so, it is a very good thing I learned how to make my own, in about ten minutes, with stuff I do always have about the house. Remember this simple recipe, and you will never lack buttermilk again.

•1 tablespoon white vinegar or lemon juice*
•Milk to measure one cup**

*Do you really have to ask? Yes, fresh lemon juice, please.

**I use whole milk.

02bEggYolksButtermilkbfLOAdd the vinegar or lemon juice to a measuring cup, then add milk to measure one full cup.

Give it a stir, then set aside to rest for ten minutes.

You have now made your own buttermilk, suitable for use in anything from biscuits to cobbler.

Handy, no?

Happy Friday!

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