Riesling & Rum Sangria

03aSangriabzLOFriday, we suggested a lovely (well, we like it) cold potato soup to help you deal with these hot and sultry days. Today, we’re  gonna give you something refreshing to wash all that potato soup goodness down with.

Or, if you’re like some friends, to wash that flavor right outta your mouth.

It’s all good, ’cause this is a nice, slightly different, take on Sangria that everyone will agree on.

•1 (750 ml) bottle Riesling wine
•1/2 cup light rum
•Lemon-lime soda

•1 orange, sliced
•1 lemon, sliced
•2 peaches, sliced
•1 cup strawberries, hulled and sliced
•1 cup blueberries
•3 tbsp Cointreau

*Feel free to mix up the fruit based on your own faves or the contents of your fruit bowl.

Note: the original recipe I found on line (and I apologize, I did not include attribution in my notes) called for serving the sangria with lemon-lime soda, but next time I make this, I am gonna go with ginger ale, or mebbe sparkling water.

02bSangria7UpbzLOPlace the fruit in a bowl and drizzle with the Cointreau. Toss to coat evenly, and let rest for five minutes.

While the fruit is macerating, pout the wine and the rum into a large pitcher.

Add the fruit, give it a bit of a stir, then stash in the fridge to chill overnight.

When ready to serve, pour the sangria into a large glass along with some of the fruit, then top with a splash of soda.

I also added ice to my glass, but I am kindofa freak about cold beverages.

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