Cherry Smash

We were in Canada visiting relatives, and our cousin, Jesse, took us out to lunch at a pretty terrific restaurant right on the shores of Lake Ontario. Since we were on vacation, and were planning a rigorous afternoon of wine tasting at several highly recommended venues, I chose to sample the cherry and bourbon cocktail shown here.

Wicked tasty!

So, when we got home, I set about finding a recipe to replicate said beverage.


I’ve come close. I used thawed frozen cherries in my first attempt, but think now that Maraschino is the way to go.

•6 Maraschino cherries
•2 oz bourbon
•1 oz cherry liqueur*
•Club soda

*I went with Dr. McGillicuddy’s, seeing as how it’s Canadian and all.

Muddle five of the cherries in the bottom of a cocktail shaker.

Add the bourbon, cherry liqueur, and ice, then shake well and pour into a glass filled with ice.

Top with club soda and float another cherry on top.

Good times, people.

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