Cherry Midori Lemonade

We were at Navy Pier in Chicago, enjoying lunch at Riva before attending a matinée at The Shakespeare Theater, and opted to sample a cocktail; specifically, a cherry limeade, notable because, aside from the bright green color, it contained no lime – well, other than that slice.

Still light, refreshing, and tasty, though. Made with cherry vodka, Midori (a melon liqueur), and lemonade, I thought it may just be the cocktail to serve friends this summer when a Kalimotxo just won’t do.

To be perfectly honest, this is still a bit of a work in progress, but is really quite nice enough to share.

•3 oz Midori
•3 oz cherry vodka
•2 oz lemonade
•1 oz Cointreau
•Sprite or club soda

First off, I took Riva’s menu description at face value and used equal parts cherry vodka and Midori, then added a splash of lemonade to the glass over ice.

Not bad, but…

A bit of Cointreau with the lemonade made it just a bit better.

Then, I got to thinking…

The cocktail at Riva was light and refreshing and just a touch on the sweet side, so I tried combining the lemonade with the Cointreau, Midori, and cherry vodka, then added a splash of Sprite.

Note: our market carries an assortment of Mexican sodas, made with real sugar and no corn sweeteners.

Nice, but, mebbe a touch too sweet for my taste; so, try it and see if you agree, then swap out club soda for the Sprite.

Much more better.

Bring on summer!

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